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Why is Video Redaction important?

The volume of video, image, and audio data captured in public spaces or for business purposes is growing at exponential rate. With this surge, comes a critical responsibility for organizations: to collect, store, share and protect this data in compliance with evolving data privacy regulations. GDPR continues to influence EU, US and international legislation, placing the burden of data privacy squarely on organizations.

Traditional redaction methods, such as blurring, have long been used to protect personal information within these media. However, the complexity and volume of data today demand a more powerful, fast and efficient solution. This is where Sighthound Redactor stands out.

Redactor is a robust, AI-powered solution designed to meet the challenges of modern data privacy. Our best-in-class redaction solution utilizes the latest innovations to identify, track, and obscure sensitive elements in images, videos, and audio files effortlessly.

To learn more about Redaction and Data Privacy, check out our blog here.

Check out our blogs to learn more?
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Join the Sighthound Partner Network today to drive sales and customer satisfaction with Sighthound products and services.
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Enhance Your Offerings with Sighthound Redactor: Embed the best-in-class redaction software directly into your OEM solution. Redactor seamlessly integrates with your systems, offering a transformative tool for data privacy and efficient processing.

Seamless Integration, Tailored to Your Workflow: Our advanced integration options are designed to blend Redactor’s powerful functionality with your existing user workflows, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience. Whether it's within a complex enterprise system or a more straightforward application, Redactor's flexible architecture allows for a perfect fit.

Collaborative Product Development: We understand that every partner has unique needs. That's why Redactor offers advanced customization options, allowing you to engage closely with our engineering and product teams. This level of control ensures that Redactor aligns perfectly with specific user needs and workflows, enhancing the overall value of your product.
Equip yourself with the Ultimate solution for Data Privacy: Provide your customers with Sighthound Redactor, an essential tool in today's data-driven world. With increasing awareness and regulations around data privacy, Redactor meets a crucial market need by offering advanced, AI-powered redaction for video, images, and audio.

Deploy effective Go-to-Market Strategies: Leverage our comprehensive suite of resources and expertise to create compelling go-to-market strategies. As a Sighthound Reseller, you're equipped with everything needed to penetrate and expand your market presence, offering a high-demand, privacy-focused solution.

Channel Sales Force and Tender Responses: Be more than just a vendor, become a consultant and a problem solver for your clients. Our program equips you to tap into new markets and respond effectively to tenders with Sighthound Redactor. Grow your business, where you're not just selling a product but leading the way in addressing crucial digital privacy challenges.
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We want you to be able to reach new customers, new markets and launch new solutions using Sighthound products and services. Our collaborative spirit, versatile platform and growth-focused mindset means we work with you every step of the way from pre-sales to post-sales, enabling your innovation and business objectives.

Personalize Partnership

Not all of our partnerships are the same – and that's our strength. We're committed to investing in your success by tailoring a partnership experience that not only satisfies your customers but also relieves their concerns regarding data privacy compliance. 

Installation and Onboarding

Redactor is partner-ready, with our comprehensive quick start guides, technical documentation, and experienced implementation team that ensure a successful go-live. Whether you're looking to resell, integrate or embed, we've got the tools and expertise to make your journey painless and successful.

Sales Support

Equip your sales and marketing team with a suite of ready-to-use resources. From brochures and presentations to customized sales training, we've got you covered. As Redactor evolves, so does our support, with continuous training and updates provided to keep your team ahead of the curve.

Continuous Collaboration

Our dedicated product, technical, and partner support teams are always on standby to strategize, review user feedback and track progress and goals. The success of our products and our partners is a collaborative journey, built through conversation and a commitment to shared objectives.


"We didn’t realize how much we needed Sighthound’s Redactor until it was installed. It has been a great tool for providing insight to parents when their child is involved in a discipline issue; our ability to share the footage of the incident and isolate just their child’s image has been a game changer for those tough conversations. We did not have this option with our current system and are so happy at how simple it is to use."

- Head of School | The Heritage School

“At Consilio we strive to cultivate technology partners that are at the forefront of their field.  After an extensive selection process, we chose Sighthound, not only due to their cutting edge, intuitive technology, but also because of their willingness to work with us to enhance Redactor to suit our clients’ needs – a key component for any true partnership.”

Pete Feinberg
- Senior Vice President | Consilio
Sighthound redactor client Consilio

"Since purchasing Sighthound Redactor, our Department has experienced significant time savings, and we can confidently say that we comply with GDPR. I honestly did not believe that it was feasible to save so many hours by utilizing automated redaction."

Liz Markham
- Integrated Transport Strategy Directorate

"Thanks to Sighthound Redactor, our system is compliant and configurable to any privacy law or operational procedures. It can be easily integrated with other systems."

Liz Markham
- Top 10 Bodycam Manufacturer

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