Video redaction can be hard, time consuming, and often inaccurate.

Ensuring GDPR, CCPA & FOIA Compliance is stressful. Sighthound Redactor makes it easy, quick, and accurate. You can relax now.

Proven Expertise. Built to Scale. Robust Features.

Icon of a camera with a slash through it to imply Video Redaction

Video Redaction

Redact people, faces, vehicles, audio, license plates or any other confidential information from a video

Audio Redaction

Redact audio from video by scrambling, muting, or beeping

Image Redaction

Some words about image redaction

Low/No Tech Skills Needed

Easy to use, no special video editing experience necessary

AI Redaction Mode

For quick, reliable results with limited human interaction, use AI redaction

Manual Redaction

For more specific workflows that needs the human touch, use manual redaction controls

Bulk Redaction

Built for efficiency with bulk upload and bulk export

White Label Option

Whitelabel option (remove Sighthound branding), Embed and integrate Redactor into your system or solution

Redactor API

Sighthound Redactor offers an API and an embeddable editor that your developers can use to add video redaction to your own applications.

Benefits of Sighthound Redactor

Save time and money.

We are suppose to tell you the benefits, as if the the features do not speak for themselves.

Reduced Labor Cost

Save up to 93% of the cost to redact manually

Integrated Workflow

Recapture precious time and serve your customers better

Protect Privacy Easily

Simple software to anonymize video

Become Compliant

Video is a must have for GDPR, CCPA, and FOIA Compliance

Trusted by over 1,300 customers

We’re proud to work with customers in a variety of industries including Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Retail, and Fleet Management to protect privacy. 

“At Consilio we strive to cultivate technology partners that are at the forefront of their field.  After an extensive selection process, we chose Sighthound, not only due to their cutting edge, intuitive technology, but also because of their willingness to work with us to enhance Redactor to suit our clients’ needs – a key component for any true partnership.”
Pete Feinberg Consillo

Pete Feinberg

Senior Vice President | Consilio

"We needed to redact video in 28 minutes not 28 days. The Sighthound solution is fast, powerful and can be used by anyone in our organization for SAR requests"
James Ried Facilities and Security Engineer Triumph Motorcycles

James Ried

Facilities and Security Engineer | Triumph Motorcycles, UK

"Since purchasing Sighthound Redactor, our Department has experienced significant time savings, and we can confidently say that we comply with GDPR. I honestly did not believe that it was feasible to save so many hours by utilizing automated redaction."

Liz Markham

Senior Manager - Integrated Transport Strategy Directorate | Transport Malta

Environments & Operating Systems

Flexible Deployment

Sighthound Redactor has proven deployments; Desktop, Cloud, Client Server or Custom Integrations. We help fit our powerful redaction solution into the ideal workflow for your organization.

On Premise

Cloud Hosted

Relax. You have found your solution.

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