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What’s New In Redactor V5.0

Major release includes audio transcription, multi-language UI support, enhanced face detection, speech panel and much more.
September 28, 2023
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The media we consume and produce every day has become more than just pixels and sound waves. They're memories, evidence, art, communication, and sometimes, they're secrets.

As storytellers of the digital age, we've been on an odyssey—capturing the essence of moments, refining the granular details, and above all, ensuring that our narrative remains clear, precise, and resonant. But stories, like technology, are not static. They evolve, adapt, and transform, just as we do. And with this transformation, tools need to be upgraded, enhanced, and tailored to fit the narratives of the present.

With each wave of innovation setting a higher benchmark for excellence, Sighthound Redactor is also evolving, adapting to the challenges and demands of the times. Every iteration has been a reflection of our commitment to offering the best to our users—keeping their needs at the forefront and integrating feedback into transformative features.

Now, as the whispers of V5.0 have already been echoing through digital corridors, we invite you to join us in exploring the latest features and the groundbreaking enhancements that the latest Redactor release has to offer.

Core Improvements and Upgrades

In today's world where content is created at lightning speed, the tools that refine and enhance this content must evolve just as rapidly. Video redaction, a cornerstone in ensuring privacy and precision in videos, has seen momentous developments, especially in Redactor V5.

Redaction is no longer just about blurring out faces or sensitive information—it's about understanding the context, analyzing movement, detecting subtle details, and much more. V5 brings advancements that redefine the essence of video redaction, making it smarter, faster, and far more intuitive.

1. Video Analysis

The beating heart of Redactor V5’s video upgrades is pumped by its AI capabilities. Redactor's algorithms have undergone rigorous refinement, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. These enhancements mean that the software now offers even more precision, drastically reducing the chance of false positives. Whether it's detecting an object from a distance that appears minuscule in the video or discerning details in varied environments, AI is robust and adaptable. This new level of precision ensures that the right objects are detected and redacted, upholding the integrity of the content while safeguarding privacy.

Traditional Video Analysis Redactor's AI-Powered Video Analysis
Time-consuming Quick & efficient processing
Prone to errors Enhanced precision
Manual intervention needed Highly automated

2. Audio Redaction & Transcription

While video redaction is undeniably pivotal, audio redaction complements it by adding another layer of privacy, ensuring comprehensive content protection. In a world teeming with handheld mobile devices or bodycam footage, interviews, and voice recordings, the need for easy and effective audio redaction is both urgent and essential. Especially in law enforcement, legal, or corporate environments, where a slip of the tongue can lead to severe repercussions or play as key evidence.

Redactor V5 ushers in a paradigm shift in how we approach audio redaction with its Audio Transcription feature. By converting spoken words into text, Redactor achieves two primary feats: it makes the content easily searchable, and it facilitates pinpointed redaction. No longer do professionals need to tediously listen, rewind, and listen again to find the segments they wish to redact. With transcribed audio, identifying specific phrases or terms becomes a straightforward task. It's not just about efficiency; it's about ensuring that while privacy is safeguarded, the context and essence of the content remain undisturbed. To sum this up:

  • Quick Search: Easily locate specific clips or identify commonly used words.
  • Efficient Redaction: With transcribed text, pinpointing and redacting specific information becomes a hassle-free task.
  • Data Value: Transcriptions offer valuable data, making redaction more precise and tailored.

This advanced capability streamlines workflows, enabling users to easily access and analyze spoken content without the need for manual transcription or third-party services. With Audio Transcription, you can easily locate specific moments within your video media, analyze the context, and redact profanities or sensitive information. Redactor V5 significantly reduces the time and effort required for redacting words, or phrases, leading to substantial cost savings for organizations.

3. Speech Panel

Think of The Speech Panel as the control tower of audio redaction in Redactor V5. It provides users with an intuitive interface to navigate through transcribed content, zero in on specific segments, and apply redactions with precision. This tool, coupled with audio transcription, makes redacting sensitive spoken words a seamless process. The speech panel also lets you export your transcripts. Whether it's a journalist safeguarding a source or a corporate executive ensuring the confidentiality of a board meeting, The Speech Panel is their trusted ally, simplifying the task while amplifying the accuracy.

Speech Panel is on the far right
Speech Panel is on the far right

Currently, Redactor V5.0 has the ability to transcribe the following languages: English (US), German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese & Japanese.

4. Multi-language UI

Redactor V5 embraces its global audience by introducing its Multi-language User Interface (UI), ensuring that users across the globe can engage with the tool in their preferred language. 

The multi-language UI breaks down linguistic barriers, allowing users from diverse backgrounds to navigate, understand, and make the most of Redactor's potent features seamlessly. It's a testament to our commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that every user, irrespective of their linguistic background, feels at home while using Redactor V5.

Easy switch UI between multiple languages
Easy switch UI between multiple languages

Initially supporting English, Dutch, German, and Spanish, Sighthound will continue to expand its multi-language offering. 

5. 6th-Generation Detector

The tech landscape is ever-evolving, and at Sighthound, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve. Embracing the future, Redactor V5 proudly announces its 6th-generation detector technology. But what does this mean for the users?

  • Sharper Object Detection: The power of our 6th-generation detector is evident in its ability to accurately identify the "right" objects, focusing on relevant data and offering an efficient redaction process.
  • Eye for Detail: Traditional systems often overlook objects that are far off and appear small on video data. Our advanced 6th-generation detector excels in detecting such small-sized objects, ensuring no detail is missed.
  • Versatile Performance: Irrespective of the environment or the scene's complexity, this generation of robust algorithms ensures consistent and top-notch performance across varied scenarios.
  • Compact, Yet Powerful: Despite its advanced capabilities, it impresses with its smaller footprint, ensuring optimized and efficient hardware utilization.

Organizations can now analyze large volumes of data in a fraction of the time it took in previous versions, leading to significant time and resource savings. Whether it's handling security footage, body camera recordings, or video conferences, 6th-generation support ensures your redaction tasks are completed with unmatched speed and precision.

Transitioning to Sighthound Computer Vision 6th-generation detector isn't just a technical upgrade; it's a leap in video redaction performance.

6. Face Detection

Faces are unique, and so is the way Redactor V5 treats them. The face detection module, a prime feature of our advanced 6th-generation detection system, has been meticulously upgraded. This evolution enables the software to recognize a wider spectrum of facial orientations, even those that might be partially hidden. 

Offering a refined face detection system, Redactor can now distinguish faces even in crowded or low-light scenarios. 

Face Detection section on the bottom
Face Detection section on the bottom

What It Means For You?

Behind every pixel analyzed, every face detected, and every audio clip transcribed lies a story – your story. The real impact of Redactor V5 isn't just in its algorithms or technological leaps; it's in the experiences it curates for every user.

Imagine a world where hours spent on sifting through video footages turn into minutes, where the tedious task of manual audio redaction becomes a breeze, and where the line between tech and user isn’t just blurred but erased. Redactor V5 isn't just offering features; it's offering empowerment. It's allowing businesses to focus on what they do best while the software handles the intricacies of privacy and data management.

Taking The Next Step

The beauty of innovation is that it never stops; it's an ongoing journey. In the bustling realm of technology, staying static means being left behind. At Sighthound, we’re not just the participants; but we’re setting the pace. With Redactor V5, we're inviting you to be a part of this transformative journey, where innovation meets efficiency, and advanced technology seamlessly integrates with human needs. It's a symphony of technical marvels and intuitive design, ensuring your redaction tasks are not just tasks – they're experiences.

But beyond the technology, it's about trust. Trust in a system that respects privacy, trust in a tool that amplifies precision, and trust in a partner that values your mission as much as you do. We've built this version of Redactor with you in mind, listening to your feedback, understanding your challenges, and crafting solutions that don't just meet but exceed expectations.

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