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Top 5 Video Redaction Tools

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August 5, 2022
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One of the most effective ways to protect PII (personally identifiable information) is to utilize video redaction. It's becoming increasingly important for law enforcement agencies, government organizations, and even commercial firms all around the globe to comply with heightened privacy concerns and stricter compliance laws.

As a result, a quick Google search will show that there's no shortage of video redaction software on the market!

With so many options, choosing the one most suited to your needs can be tricky—a redaction tool that offers various functions and accurate results, is simple to use, and fits in your budget. Luckily for you, you've landed in the right place! 

This article will discuss five redaction technologies available today based on the qualities that we believe are important.  

What Is Video Redaction Software?

The process of hiding or concealing private, sensitive, or vulnerable information from the view and accessibility of the general public or other people is referred to as redaction. Faces, social security numbers, dates of birth, identity card and financial information, vehicle license plate numbers, and similar information can surface in videos.

Video redaction software is a simple application that enables a layperson to select and redact objects of interest with a single click.

Generally, the software works by utilizing AI to monitor the topic of interest (such as a running person) and then overlaying a layer mask over the video stream, which covers the redacted sections. This cover may be a box with elements that are blurred, pixelated, or filled with opaque colors.

Top 5 Redaction Tools currently on the market 

There's no need to trawl through site after site looking for the best video redaction tool! We've done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best redaction software currently on the market.

Sighthound Redactor

Video redaction is now more accessible and powerful than ever with Sighthound Redactor, owing to breakthroughs in computer vision, machine learning, and AI.

Used by over 1300 companies, agencies, and cities worldwide, Sighthound offers the most powerful, trustworthy, and user-friendly video redaction system on the market today.

Its straightforward functionality simplifies editing and cooperation, so users don't have to have any prior experience with redaction or editing software.

Automatic redaction software users can efficiently utilize Sighthound Redactor to redact PII from video recordings, such as faces and license plates.

Key Features of Sighthound Redactor:

  • Automatic and manual redaction
  • Redaction for faces, objects, people, license plates
  • A multitude of deployment options
  • Integration capabilities through widgets and APIs 
  • Data security through access control and security protocol integration 
  • Redaction options include: blur, pixelate, or mosaic 
  • Time-saving: A one-hour video can be automatically redacted in 30 minutes

Veritone Redact

The Veritone Redact tool's AI is powered by aiWARE. The detection results are shown chronologically along with the tool's video player. The player allows for downloads of the redacted file and an audit log of any modifications made to it.

Key Features of Veritone Redact:

  • Automatic and Manual redaction
  • Designed specifically for digital evidence and law enforcement
  • Redact license plates, faces, and other custom-defined features
  • Track elements in the video
  • Compatible with Veritone's digital evidence system
  • Suitable for video, audio, and images
  • Files with redactions can be downloaded

Axon Redaction Assistant

Axon is one of the oldest law enforcement companies still in business. Once known as TASER, the company has its redaction tool called Axon Redaction Assistant. The instrument has been said to detect up to 20 faces at once. Aside from faces, the program can also redact MDTs and license plates. The software may also be used manually for increased precision, is said to be continually developing, and can run in the background. It is also available as an add-on for Axon Evidence.

Key Features of AXON Redaction Assistant:

  • Redacting up to 20 faces at the same time
  • Capable of concealing faces, license plates, and MDT screens
  • Automatic and manual redaction
  • Background processing
  • Integration with AXON Evidence and other AXON products

Caseguard Video Redaction Software

Caseguard Video Redaction Software is a video redaction application that can be used in manual and automated modes. To be more precise, redaction may be conducted on a video in an automated mode using AI, or in a manual object tracking mode in which the user chooses an item to be redacted, which is then tracked and redacted throughout the video. 

Key Features of Caseguard Video Redaction Software:

  • Standalone video redaction tool
  • Automatic and manual redaction
  • Supports redaction for video, audio, documents, 
  • Automatic redaction in bulk
  • Easy user-interface
  • Tracking of detected elements throughout the video

Motorola Solutions REDACTIVE

Motorola Solutions' REDACTIVE enables the automated identification of faces, individuals, automobiles, license plates, and tiny objects, while allowing the user to manually choose which are to be redacted and which are not. Additionally, the application may search the whole video backwards and forwards for any manually deleted piece at any point. The tool can also be used to redact sounds.

Key Features of Motorola Solution REDACTIVE:

  • Automatic and manual redaction
  • Detects faces, persons, cars, license plates, and small objects
  • Back and forth tracking of detected elements in the video
  • Available for audio and video redaction
  • Platform-independent software


Sighthound Redactor is a powerful video redaction tool that is fast, accurate, and simple. Our team is ready to understand your needs and get you up and running as fast as today. Many organizations across multiple industries leverage Redactor in their compliance and privacy standards.  As leading computer vision experts, we put the tools in your hands to allow for rapid and accurate user-assisted or fully-automated redaction services to support:

  • Data privacy: Enables your video operations to comply with data protection regulations (GDPR, CCPA and others).
  • Data security: This allows for increasing data exchange, video analytics, and cooperation across the company.
  • Reputation management: Instilling confidence in your customers, visitors, and employees about how you manage personal and other sensitive video data.

If your company is looking for the best video redaction software, request a live team by our team of experts or try redaction free today.

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