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Case Study: The Heritage School

Case Study: The Heritage School
June 19, 2024
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The Heritage School Background and Challenge

The Heritage School, a forward-thinking educational institution, has embraced innovative technology to ensure the safety and privacy of its students and staff. The school's administration, led by Kristin Skelly, Head of School, recognized the need for an automated, easy-to-use video redaction solution.

With over 60 cameras installed, Heritage School needed a solution to manage vast amounts of video footage efficiently, especially when incidents required sharing footage with external parties. The challenge was ensuring all captured individuals' privacy while sharing clear evidence with parents, law enforcement, or internally.

How Heritage School Uses Sighthound Redactor

The Director of Facilities and Security Operations at Heritage School uses Sighthound Redactor to isolate specific individuals and redact other students’ faces in video footage. This solution allows for the precise editing of video content, ensuring that only relevant individuals are visible, thereby upholding strict confidentiality standards.

Sighthound Redactor has become an integral tool for the school

Sighthound Redactor has become an integral tool for the school, described by Skelly as "vital" and "impressive." The software's ease of use allows staff across various departments to operate it effectively, not just the technical team. The technology was particularly useful during incidents, such as car break-ins, where the edited footage could be immediately shared with law enforcement and posted on social media to aid in investigations.

“We knew we needed something (robust) to provide evidence in situations where outside vendors, students, and employees make poor choices; using Sighthound Redactor helps us paint a picture for parents and employers without compromising the identities of other individuals in the video clip.”
Kristin Skelly, Head of The Heritage School

The deployment of Sighthound Redactor transformed Heritage School's approach to video surveillance. The technology enabled the school to:

  • Quickly redact faces and license plates to comply with privacy regulations.
  • Share critical video footage with stakeholders without compromising other students' identities.
  • Save considerable time and resources previously allocated to manual video editing.
Sighthound Redactor has proven to be an indispensable tool for Heritage School

Sighthound Redactor has proven to be an indispensable tool for Heritage School, aligning with their commitment to student safety and privacy. The school continues to benefit from the enhanced efficiency and security provided by Sighthound’s advanced video redaction solution.

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