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Case Study: Transport Malta

Transport Malta conducts many targeted road safety inspections
August 24, 2022
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Transport Malta conducts many targeted road safety inspections, resulting in hours of video footage that includes people and license plates. Transport Malta's Road Safety Inspection Unit required a solution to censor footage captured during road safety inspections to keep passerby and worker information private. 

The Authority conducted much research before deciding that the auto video redaction software from Sighthound Redactor would be a great fit and meet their needs perfectly.

"The Sighthound platform offered the optimal balance of speed, precision, and cost, so we decided to go with it.” - Liz Markham, Senior Manager – ITSD for Transport Malta.

Transport Malta Background

Transport Malta's mandate involves promoting and developing the transport sector in Malta by ensuring that appropriate regulation is in place. Transport Malta is dedicated to continuously enhancing its services. 

The Authority performs frequent road safety inspections and wanted a solution to enable them to swiftly and efficiently redact faces and number plates captured during these inspections to comply with the GDPR's privacy regulations.

The Challenge with Transport Malta

Due to the scope of Transport Malta’s business, they conduct a significant number of road safety checks that produce an enormous amount of footage.  Each of these videos require several hours of editing since subjects' faces and car registration plates often appear in the footage which require privacy measures to be taken.

Sighthound Redactor's auto redaction feature provides the quickest and easiest means to guarantee that the Road Safety Inspection Unit footage is in compliance with the standards set out by the GDPR.

Why Transport Malta Chose Sighthound Redactor

After researching the various redaction solutions on the market, Liz Markham, Senior Manager – ITSD for Transport Malta and her team, discovered that Sighthound currently provides the most effective, trustworthy, and user-friendly video redaction solution. 

With over 1300 companies, government organizations, and cities worldwide using the solution there was high confidence that the solution would work for Transport Malta.

A beneficial factor that stood out was that users don't need any prior expertise with redaction or editing software to take advantage of its uncomplicated capabilities, which makes editing and working together much simpler and much faster.

"Since purchasing Sighthound Redactor, our Department has experienced significant time savings, and we can confidently say that we comply with GDPR. I honestly did not believe that it was feasible to save so many hours by utilizing automated redaction." - Liz Markham.

Sighthound Redactor offers an effective tool for removing personally identifiable information (PII) from video recordings, such as faces and license plates (which is precisely what Transport Malta needed). This would assure the unit that it meets all of the data protection criteria.

Transport Malta realized that the system would act as an ideal shield for drivers and passengers who are filmed. Liz was also impressed that all the videos are stored in one central location and that the software was incredibly intuitive, incorporating cutting-edge technology.

Liz was able to quickly arrange time with a redaction expert and receive a demo. Suitably impressed by the features and functionality of the redaction solution, the organization decided to select Sighthound Redactor as their redaction solution. 

How Transport Malta used Redactor

With Sighthound Redactor, the Transport Malta team could automatically redact any identifiable information from video footage, which was the most obvious benefit that the organization recognized from using the software. 

However, they also obtained plenty of other benefits, such as: 

  • Dependable redaction even under challenging conditions: When processing videos with poor lighting, using other tools might produce inconsistent results, which can be frustrating. Sighthound Redactor fixed that. "We utilized videos with varying light and activity levels. Redactor's computer vision enables speedy and accurate redaction services, whether user-assisted or totally automated, even when working with low-lit footage," states Liz.
  • The software provides many options for redaction: Options include blur, pixelate, and mosaic, among others.
  • Time-saving: an hour-long film can be automatically redacted in half the time.
  • There are a multitude of deployment options which may be beneficial for other organization use cases including leveraging the API option
  • The software offers protection of personal information through the integration of access control and security protocols

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