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Video Redaction Done Easy With Sighthound Redactor

Man with a redacted face and car with a redacted license plate in a parking lot behind a strip mall
June 1, 2022
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Video redaction is a technique used to blur or redact sensitive information from the public eye, such as faces, license plates, and other PII (Personally Identifiable Information). 

Video redaction solutions are becoming increasingly important for law enforcement agencies, government organizations, and businesses exposed to or collecting any sort of personal information subject to privacy concerns and compliance standards as set out by the GDPR, VCDPA, CPRA, CPA and CCPA.

Nowadays, there's certainly no shortage of video redaction software options on the market. It might be tough to select the most suited to your needs with so many choices. So, how do you know which is the best video redaction solution?

The best solution is simple to use, works well across a wide variety of video scenarios (e.g. body/dash cameras, day/night lighting, etc.), processes quickly and accurately, and offers a range of capabilities including fully-automated workflows. 

Below, we’ll cover the process of video redaction and how easy it is for users to redact objects using Sighthound Redactor.

How does video redaction work?

Video redaction software allows the user to specify the objects of interest and have them redacted, ideally through preset functions and/or by manually selecting objects. 

This enables the user to hide private, confidential, and vulnerable information from the public's view and access (such as faces and people, identity card and financial information, vehicle license plate numbers, and similar information.)

Unlike video editing software like Adobe After Effects, which requires you to manually draw a box around the subject of interest, Sighthond Redactor employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the process, saving hours of editing time.

AI is used by the software to detect and track objects of interest throughout the scene. On video export, these objects will be permanently replaced by either a blur, pixelation, mosaic filter or solid color.

Video redaction with Sighthound Redactor

Sighthound Redactor is a video redaction system that lets you automatically redact faces, people, vehicles and license plates from images and video. In addition, it also provides the option of manually selecting, tracking and redacting objects not covered in the list above.

Offering flexible deployment options, Sighthound redactor's software is accessible directly via Desktop, Cloud, Client Server, or through custom integrations.

Sighthound Redactor solutions assist in integrating redaction into your organization's ideal workflow to enable fast and accurate user-assisted or fully-automated redaction for:

  • Data privacy 

This involves keeping your video operations in accordance with data protection rules (GDPR, CCPA and others).

  • Safe data usage 

Allowing for greater data exchange, video analytics, and collaboration across the organization.

  • Reputation management  

Instilling confidence in your clients, visitors, and staff over how you handle personal and other sensitive data collected on video.

A Powerful, accurate video redaction solution

Sighthound Redactor is one of the most powerful, accurate solutions on the market today. Our technology is built using Deep Learning AI and advanced Computer Vision technology to provide a solution offering the following benefits:

  • Fast, accurate, and robust video redaction
  • Automation with control
  • Secure and versatile
  • Redact faces, vehicles, license plates or any other confidential information in a video
  • No technical expertise required
  • Easily customizable for different use cases
  • Limited user intervention required (can run in the background)

Easy to use

Preparing evidence for court, responding to FOIA requests, and responding to media inquiries occupies your two most valuable resources: people and time

Sighthound Redactor just works. Redactor is the most efficient, accurate, and user-friendly video redaction software available today. Sighthound Redactor makes redacting video quick and easy by recognizing faces, people, vehicles, license plates, and small objects in the video clip.

How to use the video redaction tool

Sighthound Redactor makes video redaction simple and accessible to everybody by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This can be done in four basic steps:

1. Add any video clips your project requires

  • Click the "Add Video" button at the top of the video list screen to import a new video into Redactor, or click on an existing video to open the video editor screen.
Add any video clips your project requires

2. Automatically detect or manually select objects

  • Click on the "Auto Detect" button to automatically detect and track specified object types (faces, people, license plates, or vehicles) for redaction. 
  • You can also draw one or more boxes over any type of object in the current video. These boxes can be configured to automatically track the objects throughout the scene, or they can be used as static redaction regions to stay in the same place throughout the video.
Automatically detect or manually select objects

3. Edit Objects

  • Clicking the "Objects List" button will open a list of all object tracks found in the video. Clicking an object in this list takes us to the frame in the video where the object was first observed. 
  • Objects can be adjusted at any frame by moving the bounding box to a different location. Additionally, the size of a bounding box can be changed by dragging its sides or corners. 
  • Right-clicking on an object in the list or an object box on the screen will open an editing menu with additional options.
How to edit objects by clicking "objects list"

4. Export Video

  • Export options can be set on the left-hand side of the video editor page. These options specify the settings that will be used for the redacted video on export..
  • Clicking the "Export Video" button will begin the exporting process.
Clicking the "Export Video" button will begin the exporting process


Can anything be redacted in a video?

Yes. Any object in any video sequence can be redacted using Sighthound Redactor’s mark-and-click approach.

With Sighthound Redactor’s auto-detect  mode, it will automatically detect, track and redact faces, people, license plates and vehicles for the user.

For object categories not in the auto-detect list, Sighthound Redactor’s manual mode allows users to simply draw a box around the object that needs to be redacted. The software will then track and redact that object throughout the video. 

How many faces or objects can I redact in a video?

Sighthound Redactor and its powerful AI models can redact thousands of faces and objects in videos. It is robust to different use cases and scene variations and is able to find and track objects across different sizes, angles, lighting, etc.

How strong is the blurring effect in Sighthound Redactor?

Users can adjust the intensity of the blurring effect based on their specific use case and needs. The strongest setting will redact even close-up features reliably.

Redact anything with Sighthound’s simple, elegant tool

Sighthound provides the most powerful, dependable, and user-friendly video redaction system on the market today, employed by over 1300 organizations, agencies, and cities across the globe. 

You don't need prior experience redacting or editing videos to use Sighthound Redactor. Its simple operations make editing and collaboration a breeze. 

While video redaction has become an unavoidable reality in a world where everyone may record anything with their smartphone, it does not have to be demanding or time-consuming. 

With Sighthound Redactor, video redaction is now more accessible and powerful than ever before, thanks to breakthroughs in the disciplines of computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

Automatic redaction software users can simply use Sighthound Redactor to redact PII information like faces and license plates from video recordings by following the easy process described in this article or by checking out this demo

The single mark-and-click approach allows the software to run in background without needing any user input. This will help you save significant time so you can focus your effort and energy on more important things. 

With Sighthound Redactor, we envision to meet the ever-changing need for redaction services by providing clients with the software they require to complete the job efficiently and effectively.

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