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Sighthound Redactor Release - 4.4.2

Cover image for Sighthound Redactor 4.4.2 Release that included Dark Mode, Feedback Submit, and Audio Scramble Intensity
October 2, 2022
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Sighthound Reactor’s Latest Release Includes Dark Mode

Sighthound Redactor latest release v4.4.2 includes new user interface settings, enhancements to audio reaction tools, and a new way to communicate feedback or support needs with the Sighthound team. 

Current Redactor users can download the update for their specific version below:

To speak to a team member on leveraging these new features, contact us.

4.4.2 Release Highlights

Dark Mode

Dark mode has continued to be popular to support the reduction of eye strain.  The user interface with a white background can be changed to Dark Mode by clicking the icon that appears on the right-hand side of the screen with a circle with half dark and half light. This button allows the user to toggle from Light Mode to Dark Mode. 

Sighthound Redactor - Original (Standard) Light Mode

Sighthound Redactor - Original (Standard) Light Mode

Sighthound Redactor - New Dark Mode

Available by clicking the icon shown in the image below.  To return to light mode, click the icon again.

Sighthound Redactor - Original (Standard) New Dark Mode

Submit Feedback

Reactor users can now submit feedback directly from the application.  The new Submit Feedback icon can be found from any screen on the upper-right hand corner and looks like a flag. Once clicked, the user has the ability to submit a possible bug or provide general feedback on the tool.  

Our team is always looking for feedback on how to improve the software and making sure it is easy for our users to join the conversation. 

Once the icon is selected users can complete the form and click Submit.  The more information provided by the user will help the team understand how they can help or plan for future enhancements. 

After the form is submitted, the support team is immediately notified and users can expect a prompt follow-up.  

Two Steps to Submit Feedback

  1. Click the icon. 
Two Steps to Submit Feedback
  1. Complete form and submit.
    If you are having issues with Redactor, it’s really helpful to include the application’s log files along with your support request. To do this, simply check the box beside “upload my logs”. Optionally, you can send a copy of the currently open video to the Redactor support team by checking the “upload my video” box.
Complete form and submit

Scramble Audio Redaction - New Intensity Options

Try out the new audio redaction intensity setting when using the Scramble redaction method. This new option was created to improve the audio redaction in cases where background noise is present, or where voices need extra (or less) scrambling. 

Scramble Audio Redaction - New Intensity Options

Added support for VOB files

In addition to supporting MP4, TS, AVI, MKV, MOV, and MPG containers, Redactor now allows VOB files. While this file type is not common as they are typically from older DVD-based systems, they are still in-use today.  This was a customer request to include and it is now available for all users.


Sighthound Redactor continues to be enhanced to support both the usability of the software but also support our mission to provide accurate redaction that fits your business needs. 

To learn more about Redactor for your business or to explore new use cases contact us directly or schedule a demo now.

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