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Sighthound Reactor’s Latest Release Includes Bulk Deletion

Sighthound Reactor’s Latest Release Includes Bulk Deletion
February 13, 2023
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Sighthound Redactor has a new release available with version 4.4.5. This new release includes updates the Video Player, Object List, and more control for Redactor API users.

Sighthound Reactor’s Highlights

Faster Playback

Videos can now be played back at 4x speed. This will enable you to quickly review the videos and to make sure all desired objects are redacted.

Find the playback speed menu as shown below.  The options now include “4x”. 

The playback speed menu

Playback speed menu options now include “4x”

Bulk Select or Delete From Object List

This feature allows users to bulk select and delete Objects in the Object List. To perform bulk selection hold down the SHIFT key or CTRL and select objects.  To delete selected Objects right click on a selected Object within the Object List and click “Delete Selected Objects” from the visible menu. 

How to select and delete objects within a video or an image

Redactor API Customers New User Permissions

Redactor API developers can now specify one or more Redactor users who should be given access to imported videos via a new “acl” property in the request body. This will allow the assigned users to see the video in their Redactor UI and offers new opportunities for integrating with 3rd party applications.

As an example, the following request body could be used to import a video into Redactor and assign it to the Redactor username “chip”. 


   "acl": ["chip"],

   "inputUri": "https://path/to/video.mp4",

   "outputUri": "file:///storage/path/",

   "features": ["MEDIA_PREPARE"]


Video Tutorial: Redactor API Permissions

Improvements for Non-Audio Video Processing

While not easy to see on the surface, Redactor users uploading videos without audio will have smoother processing of their files for uploading, redacting and exporting.  We continue to strive to make the big improvements and all the ones that just make Redactor work for our customers. 


Sighthound Redactor continues to improve in our desire to make a ready for anything solution but also because we have great customers that give us feedback on ways we can improve the product. 

These recent enhancements were all made because of suggestions from our customers! We thank you for these excellent ideas and we look forward to continuing to grow Redactor with your feedback! 

To learn more about Redactor for your business or to explore new use cases contact us directly or schedule a demo now.

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